Sunday, December 1, 2013

Riding the Rails: Ottawa to Montreal

August 17, 2013 -- After spending the morning and early afternoon in Canada's clean and friendly capital city of Ottawa, Ontario, I took the VIA Rail Canada train back to Montreal. In order to get to the train station, I needed to take a bus rapid transit (BRT) -- Ottawa's bus system that runs on dedicated bus-only lines, thereby avoiding traffic and providing a fast and reliable ride in and around the city.

The train originated in Toronto so already had many passengers when it arrived in Ottawa to pick us up. It reminded me of when a New York or Washington-bound Amtrak train picks up passengers in Baltimore, Wilmington or Philadelphia.

Once we boarded, it was time for a relaxing and scenic two-hour ride through the Ontario and Quebec countryside.

Here are more photos:

And here is video of the train ride from Ottawa to Montreal:

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